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We are non-governmental organisation that helps ​youth to reach their successful future through non-​formal education

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United for Constructive community development

Global Voices, Local Impact

We are here to cultivate a generation of visionary leaders, who are committed to collaboratively shaping a brighter future, and to ensure equitable access to education, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.

Our mission

To foster positive social change and drive meaningful impact in the areas of Youth Empowerment, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Inclusion, and Access to Education.

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Our vision

To create a world where every young individual is equipped with essential negotiation, leadership, entrepreneurship, and employability skills.

Our values are part of everything built here


Creating inclusive spaces that embrace diversity, providing equal opportunities for all young individuals.


Empowering youth through negotiation, leadership, entrepreneurship, and employability.


Fostering creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to address social issues and drive impactful solutions.


Building strong partnerships, fostering teamwork to achieve collective goals and amplify the positive outcomes.

Lifelong Learning

Promoting continuous learning and skills development for personal and professional growth.


Creating meaningful and enduring change, focusing on tangible results and social benefit.

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Enrich the way you live

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Erasmus+ Mobilities

We provide young people with ​international exchange ​opportunities allowing them ​to study, work, or train in ​different EU countries.

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Personal Development Workshops

We conduct workshops on marketing, leadership, communication skills, and emotional intelligence.

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Networking Events

We organise events and​ networking sessions to​ connect individuals with​ potential employers, mentors,​ and industry professionals.​

Meet our team

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Project Manager

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Advisory Board

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Local Project Coordinator

Join us

Through collaborative efforts, passionate volunteers, and strategic partnerships, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of young people, building a brighter future for our communities and society as a whole. Join us on this transformative journey!

Forward for Future

is a non-governmental organisation​ based in Ukraine that helps youth to ​reach their successful future through ​non-formal education.

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+38 (096) 538 59 64

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